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08aug5:10 am5:10 amCorey Taylor, CHERRY BOMBScity, state:Grand Junction, CO

16aug4:41 am4:41 amGUNS N' ROSES, MAMMOTH WVHcity, state:Commerce City, CO

18aug3:58 am3:58 amDEICIDE, KATAKLYSM, INTERNAL BLEEDINGcity, state:Grand Junction, CO

19aug5:11 am5:11 amCorey Taylor, CHERRY BOMBScity, state:Sculpture Park

20aug3:58 am3:58 amDEICIDE, KATAKLYSM, INTERNAL BLEEDINGcity, state:Denver, CO

21aug3:58 am3:58 amDEICIDE, KATAKLYSM, INTERNAL BLEEDINGcity, state:Kansas City, CO

22aug3:01 am3:01 amFLOTSAM AND JETSAMcity, state:Denver, CO

22aug3:40 am3:40 amSOULFLY, NIVIANEcity, state:Colorado Springs, CO

27aug1:20 am1:20 amMEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD, TRIVIUM, HATEBREEDcity, state:Denver, CO

28aug3:40 am3:40 amSOULFLY, NIVIANEcity, state:Denver, CO


29sep3:25 am3:25 amJUDAS PRIEST, SABATONcity, state:Denver, CO


06oct4:31 am4:31 amABIGAIL WILLIAMS, VALE OF PNATHcity, state:Denver, CO

17oct4:57 am4:57 amAUGUST BURNS RED, FIT FOR A KING, ERRA, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMEScity, state:Denver, CO


02nov4:18 am4:18 amJINJER, SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL HAIL THE YETIcity, state:Denver, CO

09nov5:10 am5:10 amTESTAMENT, EXODUS, DEATH ANGELcity, state:Denver, CO

15nov1:20 am1:20 amEXHUMED, CREEPING DEATH, BEWITCHERcity, state:Denver, CO

27nov2:33 am2:33 amBLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OBITUARY, PRONGcity, state:Denver, CO


06dec5:23 am5:23 amYngwie Malmsteen, John 5city, state:Grand Junction, CO

07dec4:47 am4:47 amGWAR, NAPALM DEATH, EYEHATEGODcity, state:Denver, CO