Select state Georgia

april 2024

202416apr10:00 pm10:00 pmJESUS PIECE, SANGUISUGABOGGcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202417apr10:00 pm10:00 pmASKING ALEXANDRIA, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE, THE WORD ALIVE, NERVcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202421apr10:00 pm10:00 pmBLIND GUARDIAN, NIGHT DEMONcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202424apr10:00 pm10:00 pmDECAPITATED, SEPTICFLESH, KATAKLYSM, ALLEGAEONcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202425apr10:00 pm10:00 pmTÝR, TROLLFEST, ÆTHER REALM, THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOODcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202427apr10:00 pm10:00 pmUPON A BURNING BODY, THE BROWNING, VCTMS, HOLLOW FRONTcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202427apr10:00 pm10:00 pmERRA, MAKE THEM SUFFER, VOID OF VISION, NOVELISTScity, stateAtlanta, GA

may 2024

202407may10:00 pm10:00 pmSLEEP TOKEN, EMPIRE STATE BASTARDcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202407may10:00 pm10:00 pmINSOMNIUM, OMNIUM GATHERUM, WILDERUNcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202409may10:00 pm10:00 pmIN FLAMES, GATECREEPER, CREEPING DEATHcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202410may8:00 pm8:00 pmP.O.D., BAD WOLVES, NORMA JEAN, BLIND CHANNELcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202410may10:00 pm10:00 pmWAYFARER, SONJAcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202410may10:00 pm10:00 pmPERIPHERY, EIDOLAcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202411may10:00 pm10:00 pmBODYSNATCHER, SPITE, THROWN, KNOSIScity, stateAtlanta, GA

202411may10:00 pm10:00 pmJUDAS PRIEST, SABATONcity, stateAlpharetta, GA

202412may8:00 pm8:00 pmFROM ASHES TO NEW, POINT NORTHcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202412may10:00 pm10:00 pmHELMET, CRO-MAGScity, stateAtlanta, GA

202413may10:00 pm10:00 pmTHE AMITY AFFLICTION, CURRENTS, DYING WISH, MUGSHOTcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202413may10:00 pm10:00 pmBLACK VEIL BRIDES, CREEPER, DARK DIVINE, GHOSTKIDcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202414may10:00 pm10:00 pmARCHITECTScity, stateAtlanta, GA

202418may8:00 pm8:00 pmCABAL, BORN A NEW, FLOAT OMENcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202421may10:00 pm10:00 pmKUBLAI KHAN, HARMS WAY, PAIN OF TRUTH, JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNEDcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202424may8:00 pm8:00 pmEXHUMED, SKELETAL REMAINS, MORBIKONcity, stateAtlanta GA

202424may10:00 pm10:00 pmKAMELOT, HAMMERFALL, AD INFINITUMcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202426may10:00 pm10:00 pm1349, SPECTRAL WOUND, SIEGE MACHINE, SPIRIT POSSESSIONcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202430may10:00 pm10:00 pmBATTLE BEAST, BLACKBRIARcity, stateAtlanta, GA

june 2024

202404jun10:00 pm10:00 pmPIXIES, MODEST MOUSE, CAT POWERcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202406jun10:00 pm10:00 pmSYMPHONY X, HEATHENcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202408jun10:00 pm10:00 pmKNOCKED LOOSE, SHOW ME THE BODY, LOATHE, SPEEDcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202415jun8:00 pm8:00 pmARCHSPIRE, ABORTED, CARCOSA, ALLUVIALcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202420jun8:00 pm8:00 pmNECROT, STREET TOMBScity, stateAtlanta, GA

july 2024

202405jul8:00 pm8:00 pmFALLUJAH, PERSEFONE, VULVODYNIA, DAWN OF OUROBOROScity, stateAtlanta, GA

202417jul8:00 pm8:00 pmNORTHLANE, INVENT ANIMATE, THORNHILL, WINDWAKERcity, stateAtlanta, GA

202417jul10:00 pm10:00 pmSTYX, FOREIGNER, John Waitecity, stateAlpharetta, GA

202425jul10:00 pm10:00 pmLAMB OF GOD, MASTODON, KERRY KING, UNEARTHcity, stateAlpharetta, GA

202430jul8:00 pm8:00 pmAS I LAY DYING, CHELSEA GRIN, ENTHEOScity, stateAtlanta, GA

august 2024

202404aug10:00 pm10:00 pmLIMP BIZKIT, BONES, N8NOFACEcity, stateAlpharetta, GA

202428aug10:00 pm10:00 pmGREEN DAY, RANCID, THE LINDA LINDAS, THE SMASHING PUMPKINScity, stateAtlanta, GA

september 2024

202408sep10:00 pm10:00 pmPOWERWOLF, UNLEASH THE ARCHERScity, stateAtlanta, GA

202412sep10:00 pm10:00 pmROB ZOMBIE, ALICE COOPER, MINISTRY, FILTERcity, stateAlpharetta, GA


202416sep8:00 pm8:00 pmKORN, GOJIRA, SPIRITBOXcity, stateAlpharetta, GA

202425sep10:00 pm10:00 pmCREED, 3 DOORS, FINGER ELEVENcity, stateAlpharetta, GA

202428sep8:00 pm8:00 pmSTAIND, BREAKING BENJAMIN, DAUGHTRYcity, stateAlpharetta, GA