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202321mar2:20 am2:20 amBODYSNATCHER, ANGELMAKER, PALEFACE, DISTANTcity, state:Lincoln, NE

202324mar4:36 am4:36 amGOROD, COGNITIVE, SUMMONING THE LICH, FLUBcity, state:Lincoln, NE


202307apr5:34 am5:34 amTHE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE, VOMIT FORTH, CELLcity, state:Lincoln, NE

202309apr5:28 am5:28 amSTATIC-X, FEAR FACTORY, DOPE, TWIZTIDcity, state:Lincoln, NE

202320apr6:43 am6:43 amCHELSEA GRIN, CARNIFEX, LEFT TO SUFFER, OV SULFURcity, state:Lincoln, NE

202326apr2:13 am2:13 amEYEHATEGOD, GOATWHOREcity, state:Lincoln, NE

202328apr5:58 am5:58 amAVATAR, VEIL OF MAYA, ORBIT CULTUREcity, state:Omaha, NE


202311may6:00 am6:00 amOBITUARY, BLOOD INCANTATION, INGROWNcity, state:Omaha, NE

202330may5:48 am5:48 amTRIVIUM, BEARTOOTH, MALEVOLENCE, ARCHETYPES COLLIDEcity, state:Omaha, NE

202331may5:17 am5:17 amYOB, CAVE INcity, state:Omaha, NE


202304jun4:22 am4:22 amMACHINE HEADcity, state:Omaha, NE


202326aug4:44 am4:44 amGOJIRA, MASTODON, LORNA SHOREcity, state:Omaha, NE


202304nov12:51 am12:51 amNE OBLIVISCARIS, BEYOND CREATION, PERSEFONEcity, state:Lincoln, NE