KLAUS MEINE Says SCORPIONS Will Be Touring In 2024 And 2025 For Band’s 60th Anniversary

In a brand new interview with Justin Young of Monsters, Madness And Magic, SCORPIONS vocalist Klaus Meine spoke about the band’s plans for the coming months and years. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, we’re still out there with the ‘Rock Believer’ tour. It takes us around the world. And even though we have a little break right now, we keep going next year, we pick it up. And we might come back to the United States and a lot of other places we haven’t been on this tour so far and we keep going. And who knows if we go back to the studio at some point again. We never really talk about it. Right now, we’re still doing ‘Rock Believer’ tour and we enjoy it a lot.”

He continued: “There’s so many rock believers out there. When you think, so many people in all those years said rock is dead because of grunge, because of hip-hop, because of rap, whatever it is. But no, it’s not dead at all. There are millions of rock believers out there, and we can’t wait to see them in 2024 and in ’25, because it will mark the 60th anniversary of the SCORPIONS. That is something quite special. So right now, ’24, ’25 — next year we’re on the road, and we put it all together right now. And we can’t wait to see the rock believers out there again.

“The new album is still a new album, ‘Rock Believer’, and we can’t wait to go out there,” Klaus repeated. “And maybe we change a couple songs in the show. We’ll see, we’ll see. It’s too early to say. And we can’t wait to be out there next year. And for ’25, yeah, it’s 60 years. Hard to believe. There are guys, the next generation ahead of us, like THE ROLLING STONES, it’s amazing to see what they’re doing. Just heard, a couple of days ago, their new songs, and, man, they’re rocking hard. That’s pretty cool.”

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